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Social Media Training Oxfordshire

social media training oxfordshire

I love nothing more than hopping over the county border to provide social media training in Oxfordshire for local independent businesses.

I regularly run 'Instagram for Business' workshops at The Wild Rabbit in Chipping Norton and Soho Farmhouse (check out our workshops page for the latest dates). It's such a great way to meet independent business owners who are looking to up their social media game and unlock the powerful potential of Instagram for growing their business.

I love how accessible social media is as a marketing tool for small businesses - first and foremost it's free! Gone are the days of expensive print advertising or physical marketing mailouts... now even businesses with the smallest marketing budget can grow their sales and customer base - but they just need to be taught how!

In my workshops I always try to give practical tips and tricks to businesses that will help them get the most of social media, without spending hours on it! Chances are, if you're a business owner you're busy actually running your business, social media needs to be consistent and purposeful. Planning is key! The feedback I hear most often is that people feel they are posting 'because they feel they have to' and feel they are spending far too long down the 'social media rabbithole' without any clear objective. How do the social media algorythims actually work? And how do I grow my followers with people who are actually going to engage with my business?! Social media can feel like a minefield to do 'right' - we will break it down together so you leave with a clear idea of how to use this powerful tool to your business' advantage.

Often workshop attendees will book a follow-up 1-2-1 social media training session so we can create a bespoke strategy for their business and apply what they're learnt in the workshop directly to their social media accounts.

If you are interested in our Oxfordshire social media workshops or a tailored 1-2-1 social media training session, please get in touch.


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