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How to be an Instagram Stories Whizz-kid

Once upon a time, Instagram brought us a fab new way to tell stories and the impact of this can now be huge for your business.

Creating a story on Instagram is a piece of cake.  It offers your customers a glimpse into you, your life, your day at work, what makes you smile and what makes you tick.  Then after 24 hours it disappears and a new chapter can start!  Click here to learn the step by step basics in our blog – It’s story time

Why an Insta-Story?

Your customers want to know more about the real you and if they can connect with you, then they will also connect with your brand.

Anything light hearted and funny will always get a warm reaction – be it getting a sneaky peak of you half asleep in the morning reaching for the coffee, struggling to put up the office Christmas decorations or attending an awards night only to spill wine down that lovely new dress…

Insta Stories can be photos, video footage or Boomerangs. They can include music, filters, links, text, drawing and stickers.  There are so many features that can really make your collection of stories stand out and give your potential customers a whole host of reasons to engage with you.

Did you know that your fellow Instagrammers can search for stories via location, account tags and hashtags?  So people don’t even need to be following you to discover your stories and get involved.

How do I know if it’s working?

If you want to check that you are deepening the connection with your audience, Insta stories can be analysed in a number of ways.  You can see –

  • How many people are viewing your stories

  • How many people view the story in its entirety (completion rate)

  • What percentage of your followers are viewing your stories

  • The number of direct messages as a result of your stories

  • The account names of each person who has laid their eyes on your story!

  • How many people swipe away from your story (worst icky-feeling ever)

What next?

In a nutshell, Insta Stories can fast forward how your customers engage with you, build brand awareness, increase followers and help you profit from sales!  If you’re interested to know more about how to create the most effective InstaStories with the best results then SharpFox Social would love to help you tell your tale…..hit us up on here…


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