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5 ways to use Social Media to build your audience's trust

Updated: Jan 25, 2018

It makes sense that most people like to do business with people they know and trust. Even if someone has only heard of you via social media, that’s a better option than you being a complete stranger (even though you are really). One random person on social media could easily become one of your customers because they already feel like they know you.

So how can you start building a trusting relationship with your social media audience?


No one’s suggesting you Tweet/share/Instagram solidly 24 hours a day but your accounts do need to be updated regularly for people to feel comfortable that you are a ‘presence’ and by doing so you create awareness around yourself.

Making sure you engage with other people is one of the most vital parts of social media (and life in general, right?) so ensure you respond to people’s comments that you might receive too. It may all feel like a lot of effort at the time, but people do notice.


People appreciate the human element on social media. Instagram Stories in particular are a great platform to show a softer ‘behind the scenes’ side to your brand. Don’t feel like you have to do what your competitors are doing or saying: just be yourself and stick with your brand’s tone of voice and values.


Ok, maybe not too personal: no one wants to see you at a kebab shop at 3am sobbing about your ex, but they do want to see your real life as well as your business side. Making yourself relatable is never a bad thing, which brings me on to point.


Build that trust a little higher by ensuring your audience gets to know your face (and your team if you have one). By sharing personal posts your audience can get to know you and can decide if they trust you enough to place their business with you or buy from you.

This will always give you the edge over competitors who are only sharing sales content and aren’t visually present.


So, you may have noticed that I like sharing tips and ‘how-to’s’.  Sharing advice/tip and tricks is a great way of showcasing your expertise.

Not only does it demonstrate that you know what you’re doing but also builds trust and therefore adds value.

Trust us? Find out more about growing your business through social media coaching with us.


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