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5 ways to Boost Your Brand's Presence on Instagram

Instagram: not just for posting pictures of your artistically arranged food and ‘throw-backs’ of you on holiday.

These days the mighty ‘gram’ can have up to 50x the engagement rate of Facebook and a 20x engagement rate of Twitter

By the end of this year, over 51% of social media users will be using Instagram and having the right branding strategy on Instagram can ensure your brand is ahead of the competition.

Here are my top tips for boosting your brand’s presence on Instagram:

1. Optimise your Instagram Bio. Use this little bit of space to really grab your audience’s attention, keep it short, sharp and to the point. Don’t forget to put your website URL there too to drive traffic.

2. Create a good content mix: in other words, avoid the hard-sell (no-one likes a sales spiel) and create a good mix of engaging posts and offers for potential new customers.

38% of buyers say retailers on social media influence them with their number one influencer being friends’ social media shares.

3. Hashtags: use them! Not only should you be finding the ones that are the best fit for your business, but also make sure you keep an eye on trending keywords to help with your post’s exposure. As a brand, you must try to connect your posts with trending hashtags as a great way of driving traffic.

* Did you know? 7 hashtags are considered optimal for engagement, whereas 8 may be perceived as spam *

4. Use Your Insights to keep track of your audience reach and engagement. Use tools like SimplyMeasured to better understand which posts your audience like the best, what time of the day you have maximum engagement to gauge which are the best times of day to post.

5. Connect With Influencers: but make sure they’re the right fit for your brand. Engage in conversation with influencers and journalists who may act as a springboard for your brand – but keep the conversation ‘real’ – everyone can see through ‘spammy’ comments!

Want to boost your brand on social media? Kat specialises in social media training for all types of businesses.

Give us a call on : 0333 200 1404 email us on or find out more about our social media training here.


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