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Instagram going to a 4 tile grid


We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but it seems that Instagram are about to engage in a serious layout change.  They appear to be trialling a 4 tile grid system with some users, which, if it rolls out, could spell disaster for all of you who have chosen to use a particular design/pattern for your visuals.

Worried?  You aren’t alone.  A whole of host of Instagrammers including celebrities like Jayden Smith and Beyonce have profiles which heavily rely on the 3 tile rule. Companies and individuals alike are going to be thrown a major curve ball if this change happens.

Let’s be honest, even if we aren’t slaves to the 3 mosaic look, we all take a moment to think about how each photo relates to the ones alongside it and to our overall profile and the thought of anyone messing with that leads to some full on #instafury

As far as we can find out, Instagram are keeping very quiet on the topic and haven’t openly confirmed or denied that change is afoot.  The biggest question for Sharpfox is WHY fix it if it isn’t broken?  Some are speculating that Instagram is trying to keep up with increasing phone screen size, others say they want us to see more images with less time scrolling?

Or could it be a glitch?  All those who have perfectly aligned and curated their posts will be praying that’s the case.  Of course, Instagram never promised to keep the 3 tiles as a permanent feature, but have they really planned for the backlash they will inevitably face?

Are you ready to switch from #3to4??  Starting to panic?  Sharpfox offer social media training in Cheltenham, Oxford and Cirencester, so if you need a hand dealing with this #instafright get in touch.


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