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All the latest tips and tricks on how to make the algorithm work for you, how to create great content and sell more on Instagram.


In this hour long masterclass you will learn about:

  • All the latest Instagram Tips and Tricks 

  • Maximising Engagement on Grid Posts and Stories

  • How To Hashtag Effectively For Maximum Reach 

  • How To Create Content that Converts to Sales 

  • How to Make IGTV work

Please note this is a pre-recorded LIVE webinar and once you have been sent the link I cannot refund you.


EXCELLENT session- thank you! Lots of really helpful tips and how to guides. I like how you made it really accessible: explaining what to press on the screen as it isn’t always obvious 😁 I definitely learned loads!!!! 




Thank you very much! It was a really good hour. So glad I joined. I’m working on giving my business a kick so will implement a lot of what you talked about. I’ll definitely consider a power hour session with you in the future! Thank you. X. 



"I attended one of Kats corporate training sessions and I must say it was absolutely fantastic! Interesting, engaging with all the information presented in such a way that it was very easy to grasp the ins and outs of using social media within business!

Kat was very friendly, extremely passionate and professional! I would highly recommend her for anyone wanting to learn how to use their social media to expand or incorporate with their business! Thank you Kat." 

Tom R-L, Shepherd

Cox Hotel Group

Lovely lady, knows her stuff and puts it across in an easy to understand way - thanks Kat!

Jayne Burke

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